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Fly Guys

A Dream Preferred

THERE’S ONE SCENE in “A Dream Preferred” that will stick with you. Maybe even change you. The 22-minute documentary short by Rachel Grady and Heidi Ewing ( follows six young ...

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If You Build It

“Black Lives Matter” by students from Morgan State University. The temporary installation was organized by professor Christopher Metzger as part of his Inside Out project—a global initiative that invites people to share their portrait and say what they stand for.

This is 1400 Greenmount Avenue, the future home of Open Works—a community makerspace and Baltimore’s new incubator for innovation. The $10M BARCO project will provide affordable working studios and access to ...

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Say My Name


Five beautiful transgender Baltimoreans reflect on what they call themselves— and other powerful words that speak to their life experience.

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Courting Calvert


What first-class apartment house in Baltimore can rent you apartments of 3 bedrooms, bath, parlor, dining room and kitchen from $540 to $660 A YEAR! Where can you find rates ...

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Music Matters

arts sake

When the rioters came down the street by her home in Lexington Terrace, 12-year-old Taniyah Kutcherman hid in her bedroom with a book and put on headphones to block out ...

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For Art’s Sake


Eight million dollars. That’s how much money three local artists need to make their dream a reality. In spring 2014, Carly Bales, performer and co-founder of the local EMP artist ...

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Culture Club


The STYLE editors pick 40 Hot Tickets you must see this season, from musical legends to emerging artists and a local film that will melt your heart.

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Mind Body Connection


Health coverage for gender reassignment surgery affords a final step for some transgender individuals to feel complete, inside and out.

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Culture Rich

Vintage style on the streets of Havana.

As our plane touches the runway, my stomach churns. The sensation in my belly has nothing to do with airsickness and everything to do with where we are landing. Visions ...

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Artful Eats


Robbin Haas has a reputation for rehabilitating bedeviled locations. With Birroteca in Woodberry and Mt. Washington’s Nickel Tap House, he concocted the perfect elixir of food and atmosphere in formerly ...

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A Sense of Place


I like to tell people that my husband and I have a mixed marriage. It’s not that we’re different races or religions, mind you. It’s that he’s from Baltimore. And ...

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Old School


So much is described as “old-school” these days. Music. Movies. Clothing. Behavior. That’s old-school. It’s meant as a compliment, an accolade. The theory being that everything was once better than ...

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Dining Solo


Cooking for yourself doesn’t have to be a sad affair, filled with Lean Cuisines, instant ramen or whatever you can scrounge from the depths of the fridge. Eating is one ...

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Chef Talk with Jerry Pellegrino

Jerry Pellegrino

Jerry Pellegrino opened Corks in Federal Hill in 1997, an early entry in Baltimore’s ascendant dining scene. He went on to head Waterfront Kitchen in partnership with Living Classrooms, using ...

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Identity and Paradox

“Surrender,” 2015.

When D.C.-based artist Hedieh Javanshir Ilchi starts a new piece, she lays a wood panel on the floor of her studio and pours paint on it. She has to move ...

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