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New Blend Brews in Baltimore

CB kids

Despite moving to the city with her family the same week of the Freddie Gray unrest, Elizabeth Mount’s desires to be a part of Baltimore, if anything, increased. “I didn’t …

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Canna Biz


Imagine: A year from now your daughter gets a concussion playing basketball. Her doctor recommends treatment with medical cannabis, which you get filled at a clean, well-lighted dispensary with a …

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A Pop-Punk Proposal


Maybe it was the Camembert. Snacking at home, Alex Gaskarth, the lead singer for pop-punk band All Time Low, couldn’t stand the thought of going back on tour without proposing …

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Restaurant Deconstructed

It’s a grocery store! It’s a coffee shop! It’s a cocktail bar! Modern Cook Shop also offers fine dining, like this charred octopus with blood sausage and faro.

The team behind Fork & Wrench, Andy Gruver and Jason Sanchez, have finally opened their latest project, Modern Cook Shop, and the place could very well become—for lower Fells Point—what …

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Snake Charmers

Sausage sandwiches, hush puppies and mac ‘n’ cheese at Snake Hill.

Tucked behind the hulking remains of Hausner’s, Snake Hill is everything that the Baltimore icon was not. It’s small, informal and basically has just one thing on the menu: sausage. …

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Address book

Abbey Burger Bistro

Lovely Grano is branching from Hampden to Federal Hill (1043 S. Charles St.), while Abbey Burger Bistro, still a fave in Federal Hill, is expanding to Fells Point (811 S. …

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Roll ‘n’ brew

Brewer bros: Roy Fisher, Jr. and Bill Stevenson.

If you think about it, craft brewing may be today’s equivalent of 1980s and ‘90s garage bands: a ragtag crew getting together to make something they love. John Marsh and …

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Meat Cute


In even meatier news, 8Ball Meatball, a restaurant wholly devoted to—can you guess?—recently opened its doors in Fells Point. Paul Weitz, whose family owns a handful of franchises, including BGR …

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Bottoms Up


My favorite part of spring is the contrasts: the brisk mornings softened with sunny afternoons, the grays of winter fading into the warm colors of fresh gardens. This cocktail is …

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Chef Talk: Matthew Ellis


What were your early influences as a chef? I grew up in Florida, in a community with large Vietnamese and Thai populations. My parents had a friend from Laos who …

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The Sky’s the Limit


As a young girl in Japan, Nobuyo Sakata spent each night gazing up at the small inflatable airplane suspended over her bed as she drifted off to sleep. A gift …

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Crossing the Fringe


In her cozy office in Hampden, Dr. Emily Telfair, ND, walks past a massage table that she uses for craniosacral therapy, a gentle form of bodywork that helps release tension, …

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Pattern Play


When Sarah Griswold Johnson and Lisa Sokol—the duo behind locally based Johnson/Sokol Interior Design—accepted their client’s charge to update her and her family’s getaway in the woman’s hometown of Severna …

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Seeing Sparkle


I’m not given to piercings—30 years had passed since my last. But there I was, at Black Lotus Tattoos, to have Kitty punch a hole in my right nostril and …

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Building Blocks


Late morning in a sparsely decorated café in the 4700 block of Eastern Avenue in Greektown, reporter Aaron Henkin tries out some freshly acquired Greek phrases—“Kaliméra, pós eísai?” (Good morning, …

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Poetic License


Charm City is home to a wide array of skilled, well published poets, active wordsmiths who give regular readings, produce beautiful books and pay at least part of their way …

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Masters of Invention


Got math? How about science, technology and engineering? The Ingenuity Project—a free-to-students program that’s integrated into four Baltimore City public schools—offers megadoses of STEM classes to advanced learners in math …

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Language Arcs

Russian books and collectibles decorate Roby's cozy language classroom at Friends.

By the time local kindergartners at Baltimore International Academy (BIA) reached their winter break, many were writing beginning sentences right to left in Arabic or up and down in Chinese, …

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Get Out: The list


Lose Control What has Janet Jackson done for us lately? Made a colossal comeback and resurrected Missy Elliott in the process. Their funky duet (“Burnitup!”) is just one of many …

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Get Out: Main Event

At Center Stage: Cecelia and Rosalind are ready for their “Vogue” cover.

In Shakespeare’s time, casts composed entirely of men performed his plays, taking on both male and female roles. The situation onstage often grew even blurrier, given that characters in his …

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Intimate Details

Man on a Sofa, 36” x 36”.

“I’m not a pervert,” says Cody Pryseski of his repertoire of nude paintings. Sure, Pryseski does post Craigslist ads for his models and invites them to his Canton studio to …

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