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Comic Sense and Sensibility Young MICA grads reshape sequential art with lumberjanes, female shapeshifters and punky heroines in fishnet stockings.

For years, my favorite part of opening the City Paper was reading “Lulu Eightball,” the cartoon by Emily Flake. And when the Brooklyn-based artist started appearing in the New Yorker in 2008—alongside another personal favorite, Connecticut-based Roz Chast—I was cheered again. I love the relative simplicity of both Flake’s and …

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Taking a Stand Baltimore’s community arts programs provide a proud answer to xenophobic rhetoric.

Art and politics have always been intertwined in Baltimore and the 2016 national election was no exception—from viral Donald diss track “CIT4DT” by a group of Charm City teens to the infamous anti-Trump toilet found outside the AVAM. Amusing as these individual acts were, however, some of the most effective …

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