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Art Transplant: The Foodie Bassoonist Fei Xie brings his artistic flair to stages across the world—and the kitchen table.

Although he played three days earlier in the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra’s season-ending performance of Verdi’s “Requiem” at Meyerhoff Hall, Fei Xie, the orchestra’s principal bassoonist, hasn’t entirely, so to speak, left the building. This late-June morning, he sits in the Meyerhoff’s lobby, fresh from giving a lesson to a 72-year-old …

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Art Transplant: The Museum Director Chris Bedford has lived all over the world. Here's why he's so excited to be in Baltimore.

“To me, Baltimore is a collision of East Coast and Southern sensibilities, producing a culture that I have never experienced anywhere else—and it’s fascinating,” confides Chris Bedford by phone from Boston. This statement is surprising considering that the future director of the Baltimore Museum of Art has spent his 39 …

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Art Transplant: The Melodist Musician Hanna Olivegren on the leap of faith that led her to Baltimore.

Hanna Olivegren, 2015 For international art transplant Hanna Olivegren, the journey to Baltimore began with a melody in her head. The 28-year-old musician was volunteering at a music festival near Stockholm when she met Baltimore-based artist Asa Osborne. “I really liked his energy, and I wanted to hear his music,” …

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Going Public Two artists bring the private lives of the LGBTQ community to light—and prove they’re just as boring as everyone else. Here’s why that’s a good thing.

“The truth of the matter is, a lot of us are living very mundane, familiar lives,” Rahne Alexander says, her hands wrapped around an Americano at Station North’s BAMF Cafe. “My life is just my life, but I see every moment of it as a potential for activism. I call …

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Classically Hip? As the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra marks their milestone 100th this year, they aim to reach a broader audience through newer music and fresh ideas.

Packed with refined revelers celebrating beneath a canopy of gold balloons, Meyerhoff Symphony Hall fairly glittered this past February. The attendees, however, had not gathered for merely another performance of works by Beethoven or Brahms  or Dvorák by the Baltimore Symphony  Orchestra. They had gathered, rather, to commemorate the BSO’s …

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True Stories Close Up Baltimore documents locals’ real lives to reshape our city’s narrative.

  This past April, two weeks before Maryland’s primary election, and, not incidentally, before the one-year anniversary of the explosive civic unrest that rocked Baltimore in the wake of the death of Freddie Gray while in police custody, Catherine Pugh and other Democratic candidates running for mayor participated in a …

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