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Music Matters Need something to believe in? Just listen to the song written and performed by these talented local students—with Baltimore’s hottest indie bands—after the uprising

When the rioters came down the street by her home in Lexington Terrace, 12-year-old Taniyah Kutcherman hid in her bedroom with a book and put on headphones to block out the noise. “They were trying to get into the Rite Aid,” she says. “If I took my earphones out, I …

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For Art’s Sake With fewer donor dollars at the ready, local arts organizations are putting most of their creative energy into staying afloat.

Eight million dollars. That’s how much money three local artists need to make their dream a reality. In spring 2014, Carly Bales, performer and co-founder of the local EMP artist collective, Evan Moritz, co-founder of the Baltimore Annex Theater, and Ric Royer, a veteran performing artist and curator/organizer who recently …

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Ones To Watch: Theater Fall Art Preview

Danny Gavigan, actor at Everyman Theatre Everyman’s brand-new company member (and soon-to-be heartthrob) splits his time between Charm City and Los Angeles. Gavigan is excited to play Hollywood star “Jake” in Theresa Rebeck’s three-person play, “The Understudy” in September. “One of my all-time favorite rants is in this play—about relationships …

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