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A Dose of Love Three power couples at Baltimore hospitals reflect on their marriages and shared profession.

Love typically defies logic, but doctors marrying doctors makes perfect sense, particularly in the world of academic medicine. The profession’s challenges — long shifts, the 2 a.m. call to the hospital, grant deadlines, late meetings, early rounds, conferences and on-call duties during holidays — can be hard on any partner. …

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Get Out: October It's time to get spooky.

GHOULISH TALES Hallowread, a convention celebrating fiction of the paranormal, urban fantasy, and steampunk variety, returns for its fifth year. Bookworms and horror fans meet for this spooky series of writing workshops, ghost tours, author panels, paranormal investigations, and book signings. Held in historic and possibly haunted  Ellicott City, the …

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Net Gains 45 years post-Title IX, women’s sports flourish as lacrosse, soccer and other pursuits earn more and more young players.

Drive by nearly any school’s athletic fields in the hours after classes end and you’ll see dozens of boys and girls running laps, dribbling soccer balls or shooting at a lacrosse goal. Playing a team sport is a coming-of-age ritual for many children. But not too long ago, the familiar …

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Breast Practices Stage 0 breast cancer is a lesser-known type that is the current subject of research.

October is filled with inspiring tales of breast cancer survivors and their stories of pain and determination. It’s a month when the country becomes so thoroughly pink ribboned that even the NFL sells pink merchandise and its players don pink cleats in vague awareness efforts—and, one hopes, a lot of …

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Comic Sense and Sensibility Young MICA grads reshape sequential art with lumberjanes, female shapeshifters and punky heroines in fishnet stockings.

For years, my favorite part of opening the City Paper was reading “Lulu Eightball,” the cartoon by Emily Flake. And when the Brooklyn-based artist started appearing in the New Yorker in 2008—alongside another personal favorite, Connecticut-based Roz Chast—I was cheered again. I love the relative simplicity of both Flake’s and …

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