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Beauty Boys Who says makeup isn't for men? Meet three of Baltimore’s fiercest faces.

If you’ve turned on the TV recently, you may have noticed a slight deviation in Covergirl’s standard “easy, breezy, beautiful” branding. In a recent company commercial, the new SoLashy! mascara is modeled by … a man. Well, a freckle-faced teenager, really—17-year-old James Charles, the company’s first male representative and aptly …

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Late Bloomer Henry Morgenthau III just published his first book of poetry—at the age of 100.

The fact that Henry Morgenthau III recently published his first book of poetry, A Sunday in Purgatory, would not be particularly noteworthy except for two facts: He comes from the eminent Morgenthau family, and he just celebrated his 100th birthday. Though Morgenthau spent much of his professional life writing—producing documentaries …

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Weekend Plans: What to Do 3/9-3/12 Start your St. Patrick's Day early with these festive events.

THURSDAY 9 Theater: Undercurrent Festival For their “Theatre For Now”-themed festival, Single Carrot will put on four concurrent plays in three weeks: race-based solo performance “The Bitter Game,” right wing exploration “MOM BABY GOD,” Baltimore tale “Kids on Bikes” and video-game metaphoric “You Are the Hero.” Ticket prices vary, and …

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Get Out: March Mark your calendars!

ROCK N’ SOUL Adhering to a truth-in-advertising credo, The Revivalists concoct a potent brew that resurrects a handful of signature American musical genres: soul, folk, country and rock (Southern and otherwise). But the seven-man New Orleans-based group are neither nostalgists nor imitators; rather, they mold these familiar sounds into a …

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Pregnant Possibility Women and couples struggling with infertility get to experience pregnancy and childbirth, thanks to donated embryos.

  When his wife, Pamela, 41, was pregnant, Travis Bishop, 46, liked to have some fun when people congratulated them. “I would say, very deadpan, ‘It’s not mine,’” he says. Pause. “Then, ‘It’s not hers, either.’” This is the way the Bishops of Rockville, who are both in the Navy, …

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CeWEBrity Status Baltimore native Ann Hirsch makes her name(s) as a digital performance artist.

Maybe Ann Hirsch’s art should come with an NSFW (not safe for work) warning. I speak from experience—watching her video performance piece “Semiotics of the Camwhore” in my office cubicle made me feel a bit self-conscious. But to Hirsch’s credit, I couldn’t look away from the video’s comedic/brainy bedroom scene, …

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