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Ring Mistresses The Ladies of Hampden run away and join the circus for a happy cause.

The Ladies of Hampden star in a sizzling pair of calendars all their own this year, and each book is a theatrical spectacle to behold. A spinoff on last year’s “Boys of Hampden”/ “Boys of Hampden Gone Wild” double-calendar project—which featured male business owners from the Hampden area posing in …

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To T or Not to T A Baltimore-based fiction writer tells the whole truth about his decision to receive testosterone replacement therapy.

On book tour this summer, I found myself saying in a Q&A in Chicago that yes, I was very much like graduate student Silas Huth, depicted in my latest novel, Love Slaves of Helen Hadley Hall. “At 22, I was an arrogant, insecure slut,” I announced, getting the laugh while …

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Monkey Business Tear into a surreal holiday short story and a philosophical essay on the power of gift-wishing—our gifts to you!

The Christmas Monkey By Geoff Becker It arrived, somehow, while everyone was asleep. In the morning there it was, waiting: a real, wide-eyed monkey. It came with its own chair, a gold one, or rather wood painted gold, with some sort of crest on the back. “It’s a rhesus,” said …

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Rounders Three Baltimore-based artists put their own personal spins on the wreath-making tradition, exchanging greenery for creativity.

In Memoriam “This wreath symbolizes the cycles of life, death and rebirth,” artist Chip Irvine says. “Working with these concepts in mind, I used a photographic print of dead fish I found walking along the Patapsco River in Canton—cut the photograph, reshaped it, glued new forms together and completely transformed …

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Special Delivery Hopkins doc Tim Amukele has a solution for transporting blood in infrastructure-challenged poor nations: drones.

Two years ago, Tim Amukele fielded a curious proposal from a medical student referred to him by a colleague. At the time, Amukele—a pathologist, who, among his multiple Johns Hopkins Medicine-related duties, directs clinical laboratories at Hopkins-affiliated hospitals in both Malawi (Southeast Africa) and Uganda (East Africa)—was pondering the conundrum …

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