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First Times We asked six local writers to reflect on their first times doing sexually adventurous things that have stayed with them to this day.

As a Female Rahne Alexander I experienced my first adolescence in the disease-paranoid late-’80s, fully conscious of who I was but could not risk revealing. By the time I started middle school, I had developed a firm understanding of myself as a young woman living through a temporary assignment to …

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Center Stage, Act Two This year, the historic theater space expands and updates in dramatic ways.

“All the world’s a stage,” as Shakespeare would have us believe and, if you drove past the 700 block of Calvert Street last year, you’ll have noticed that Center Stage was taking this literally. In the interests of a $32 million renovation of their historic building, they turned themselves inside …

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Ring Mistresses The Ladies of Hampden run away and join the circus for a happy cause.

The Ladies of Hampden star in a sizzling pair of calendars all their own this year, and each book is a theatrical spectacle to behold. A spinoff on last year’s “Boys of Hampden”/ “Boys of Hampden Gone Wild” double-calendar project—which featured male business owners from the Hampden area posing in …

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To T or Not to T A Baltimore-based fiction writer tells the whole truth about his decision to receive testosterone replacement therapy.

On book tour this summer, I found myself saying in a Q&A in Chicago that yes, I was very much like graduate student Silas Huth, depicted in my latest novel, Love Slaves of Helen Hadley Hall. “At 22, I was an arrogant, insecure slut,” I announced, getting the laugh while …

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Monkey Business Tear into a surreal holiday short story and a philosophical essay on the power of gift-wishing—our gifts to you!

The Christmas Monkey By Geoff Becker It arrived, somehow, while everyone was asleep. In the morning there it was, waiting: a real, wide-eyed monkey. It came with its own chair, a gold one, or rather wood painted gold, with some sort of crest on the back. “It’s a rhesus,” said …

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Rounders Three Baltimore-based artists put their own personal spins on the wreath-making tradition, exchanging greenery for creativity.

In Memoriam “This wreath symbolizes the cycles of life, death and rebirth,” artist Chip Irvine says. “Working with these concepts in mind, I used a photographic print of dead fish I found walking along the Patapsco River in Canton—cut the photograph, reshaped it, glued new forms together and completely transformed …

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