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Weekend Plans Sept. 29-Oct. 2 Whiskey, jazz and provocative art take the stage this weekend in Baltimore.

THURSDAY 29 Event: Mom’s Night Out Calling all #MomBosses! Author Nicole Feliciano celebrates the launch of her new book, MomBoss: Balancing Entrepreneurship, Kids, and Success with help from four other mom-trepreneurs. The best part? Tickets include a free signed copy of the book—and complimentary wine and beer. Tickets: $20 in …

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New Jersey State of Mind "Jersey Boys" is playing at the Hippodrome from Sept. 27-Oct. 2.

I experienced a lot of emotions during last night’s opening-night production of “Jersey Boys” at the Hippodrome—laughter, tears, some sort of indescribable hometown pride for my non-native Jersey—but one prevailed above all: consistent, jaw-dropping awe over just how high Frankie Valli (Aaron de Jesus) could sing. Don’t get me wrong: …

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Going Rogue Seven decades ago, renegade Baltimore shrink Robert Lindner shook up psychoanalysis and coined the term “rebel without a cause.”

One hot summer morning in Baltimore in the late 1940s, Dr. Robert Lindner, chief of psychological services for the Maryland Department of Corrections and a psychoanalyst in private practice, received an unusual telephone call from a physician at a classified government installation in New Mexico. The doctor was calling about …

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Reality Star: 5 Questions for Cara Ober Bmore Art's Ober on art as a career and the intersection between visual art and publishing.

As a critic, I’ve written about artist Cara Ober’s mixed media work over the years. Since she started her BmoreArt blog in 2007 and, more recently, its corresponding print journal, I’ve written for her. Ober, 42, grew up in Westminster. She studied art at American University in Washington, D.C., moved …

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A Conversation with Mikita Brottman The author of The Maximum Security Book Club on her process, the shocking cancellation of her club and why literature won't save your life.

Earlier this summer, I sat down with author and MICA professor Mikita Brottman to discuss her new book, The Maximum Security Book Club (HarperCollins), which chronicles her time volunteering as a teacher/moderator for a book club at Jessup Correctional Institution. The book is moving but honest, interweaving Brottman’s account of …

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Art Transplant: The Clever Illustrator Cornel Rubino compares Baltimore to a Bruegel...and we buy it.

At barely a few minutes after two on a midweek July afternoon, Cornel Rubino has unsurprisingly (for him) laid out a curious early-happy-hour tableau of the Italian liqueur Strega with lighter-than-air Goya pineapple wafers in his surprisingly tidy (for an artist) Woodberry studio. The highbrow/lowbrow culinary combo jibes with his …

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