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Inside Track Meet the complex, illusory work of M. Voelker.

On initial glance, M. Voelker’s sculptures—variously hued, carefully constructed and apparently multi-pieced—appear to be made of metal or wood, resembling extraordinary Erector Set or Lincoln Logs structures. On closer examination, however, they reveal themselves as something wholly unexpected: thoughtful, inventive ceramics, such as the rollercoaster-like “Blank Verity” or the milk-crate-devouring-a-xylophone …

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PICTURE THIS   Humans exist on a spectrum—we oscillate within the vagaries of gender, time, reality and imagination. Lania D’Agostino’s work displays such complex humanity—we are always moving, shifting, progressing, while remaining closely linked to our original selves. D’Agostino relies on discipline as well as whim to carry out her work. …

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