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Great Sex Scenes Baltimore-based novelist Jessica anya Blau talks about craft—and her brand-new novel—with her poet pal.

In your earlier books, you drew a lot of the plot and characters from your own experiences growing up in 1970s Southern California. “The Wonder Bread Summer” (2013) moves away from the autobiographical, but incorporates details from your own life (most memorably to me, the clothing store owner/cocaine dealer who  …

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Look Books Next to your Pinterest-worthy terrariums and Anthropologie vases should be at least one (if not all) of these six sexy coffee table books.

Relive some of Vogue’s greatest moments in Grace: Thirty Years of Fashion at Vogue, the book that chronicles the famously visionary creative director Grace Coddington (Phaidon, $150). Cabin Porn by Zach Klein—hey, get your head out of the gutter—is a serene photo meditation on the great outdoors (Little Brown, $18). …

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