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Medieval Meditation

As someone who loves the idea of yoga but hates the practice, I’m always searching for a shortcut to inner peace. Labyrinths have been touted as “walking meditation” so I decided to give them a try. The way I understand it, you ask yourself a big question—say, “What’s the meaning …

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Shine On

“I see spirituality in your eyes.” That observation from Sunlight & Yoga owner Changa Bell lit a fire in me when we met at a Lululemon goal-setting party. I committed to trying yoga one more time—in hopes of reducing stress and feeding my soul. This time, it clicked. For three …

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Be Well Two New Ways to Sweat in Charm City

FLEX APPEAL. To say that I was nervous when I showed up at Reflex Functional Fitness for a 30-minute “Butts + Guts” class that turned out to be a 45-minute “Boxing Plus” class would be an understatement. There I was, eye to eye, with Reese Ashe (Black Belt and four-year NCAA …

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Jump for Joy

TURN UP THE HEAT WITH CARDIO PILATES I LOVE HOW Pilates strengthens from the inside out—and gives me peace of mind on the mat. But, sometimes, I want to unleash something more primal. Enter Rhythm Reformer, the cardio-minded, small-group class at LifeBridge Health & Fitness, where you can jump, jive …

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