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Water Works

SIT AND SPIN. “What doesn’t challenge you fails to make you stronger,” says instructor extraordinaire Jessie Benson as she gears up her five students for our next round of tabatas (tuh-BA-tas), a high-intensity training method created by an Olympic speedskating coach. We aren’t on the ice, but rather in an …

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Triple Play

There’s a new f-word in fitness. Now, before you jump to conclusions—jump (quite literally) over to Fit!, where they’re putting the “fun” into functional workouts. The Towson gym boasts the first Queenax system in the U.S. after the owner saw a demo at a trade show and bought it on …

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Learn the Ropes

Coach Falcon and trainees in his colorful Falls Road studio. When Three different friends pitched us a story on Believer’s Fitness Boot Camp—one going so far as to call coach Howard Falcon an “undiscovered wonder”—we immediately laced up our Nikes for a trial class with the personal trainer, sports nutritionist …

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Spin Siren

Esther Collinetti, REV co-owner and Lululemon Ambassador. For years we’ve happily subjected ourselves to tough-love trainer Esther Collinetti’s self-proclaimed “aggressive coaching style” (think: equal parts profanity and positive reinforcement) at the top gyms around town. Now she’s branching out—with friend and fellow fitness fanatic Rick Zambrano—to open Rev Cycle Studio …

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The Big Chill

A DRUNKEN MONKEY BITTEN BY A SCORPION. That’s how the ancient Buddhists described a restless mind. And that was long before email, traffic jams and FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) syndrome. These days, everybody’s stressed. Hyper-stressed. Too damn stressed. And, we hate to be the bearer of bad news, but …

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Drum Roll, Please

Don’t worry. Be happy—drumming with Beatwell’s Jordan Goodman. HE’S GOT THE BEAT. Ever since he was a little (drummer) boy, Jordan Goodman knew that drumming made him feel fantastic. But it wasn’t until grad school that the professional drummer with a master’s degree in clinical psychology discovered the science behind …

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