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Learn the Ropes

Coach Falcon and trainees in his colorful Falls Road studio. When Three different friends pitched us a story on Believer’s Fitness Boot Camp—one going so far as to call coach Howard Falcon an “undiscovered wonder”—we immediately laced up our Nikes for a trial class with the personal trainer, sports nutritionist …

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Spin Siren

Esther Collinetti, REV co-owner and Lululemon Ambassador. For years we’ve happily subjected ourselves to tough-love trainer Esther Collinetti’s self-proclaimed “aggressive coaching style” (think: equal parts profanity and positive reinforcement) at the top gyms around town. Now she’s branching out—with friend and fellow fitness fanatic Rick Zambrano—to open Rev Cycle Studio …

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The Big Chill

A DRUNKEN MONKEY BITTEN BY A SCORPION. That’s how the ancient Buddhists described a restless mind. And that was long before email, traffic jams and FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) syndrome. These days, everybody’s stressed. Hyper-stressed. Too damn stressed. And, we hate to be the bearer of bad news, but …

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Drum Roll, Please

Don’t worry. Be happy—drumming with Beatwell’s Jordan Goodman. HE’S GOT THE BEAT. Ever since he was a little (drummer) boy, Jordan Goodman knew that drumming made him feel fantastic. But it wasn’t until grad school that the professional drummer with a master’s degree in clinical psychology discovered the science behind …

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