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The Baltimore Bomb

If you’re anything like me you spent many Sunday evenings this summer rooting for Rodney Henry, founder of Dangerously Delicious Pies, as he fought his way to the finale of “The Next Food Network Star.” While his (brilliant) idea for a TV pilot—turning world-famous restaurants’ top dishes into a pie—didn’t …

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I’m not sure fold-ability was the key quality for a New York pizza before comedian Jon Stewart famously chided Donald Trump for eating a slice with a knife and fork. (The offending incident happened when the billionaire was showing Sarah Palin around Manhattan.) To me, New York pizza is the …

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An apple cocktail a day—why not? Served hot or cold.

Served hot or cold. The essentials of Autumn are so well summarized in this cocktail, from the crispy snap of the ginger beer to the fullness of body in the unfiltered apple juice. I enjoy serving it over ice—especially on those evenings when Indian summer sneaks up on us in …

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