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The Spice of Life Chef John Bedingfield finds himself at La Food Marketa after a storied career as drug counselor and later corporate chef.

After receiving his bachelor’s in psychology and working as a substance abuse counselor, Parkville native John Bedingfield shifted gears and became a chef. He worked with Chad Gauss at the Food Market, then Bedingfield took a corporate gig—until Gauss pulled him back to Baltimore to helm the spinoff, Food Marketa, …

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Heating Up: November The best new spots to sip and snack in Baltimore.

IN NETWORK When celebrity chef Malcolm Mitchell opened Ryder’s in Fells Point this summer, the majority of news coverage surrounding the spot seemed to emphasize just how little news coverage there was: The Food Network star’s gastropub had opened without fanfare, hoping to build an expectation-free neighborhood following first. Mitchell’s …

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Brass Elephant, The Sequel What happened when Steven and Linda Rivelis decided to kick "brass."

In STYLE’s annual food issue last November, I wrote about Steven and Linda Rivelis, Baltimore business owners who had purchased the former Brass Elephant with ambitious plans to renovate and open a restaurant proffering world cuisine—some based on what they had encountered on their extensive travels running Campaign Consultation, Inc. …

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