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Steal of the Month: Va-Va-Va-AVAM! The American Visionary Art Museum is, to artistically inclined buyers, what Filene’s Basement is to your Aunt Fran!

Cultured capitalists, now hear this! There is no better, more affordable, more miraculously neat and quirky—and aesthetically satisfying—shopping than the ferociously full-bodied, entirely intoxicating stock at the American Visionary Art Museum gift shop, run by the total sweetheart Ted Frankel (who gave me the members’ discount when I holiday-pillaged a …

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Taste the World at Baltimore Restaurant Week From Latin America to Lebanon, there's plenty to explore Jan. 13-22.

Take your palate on an international journey during Baltimore’s Winter Restaurant Week (Jan. 13-22)  with a little help from Visit Baltimore. Italy (miles saved: 4,452): Baltimore’s Little Italy draws visitors with its aroma of home-style Italian dishes from numerous restaurants, bakeries and delis lining the historic streets. Here, wandering is …

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On a Compassionate Track: Local Business Goes Above and Beyond for a Neighbor The Pinehurst Wine Shoppe pays it forward.

Eleven-year-old Burke Manuel loves trains—really loves them. So much so, in fact, that last year his parents took him to visit nearby Pinehurst Wine Shoppe’s Christmas train display nearly every day. Soon, the young rail buff caught the attention of the shop’s owners, Gordy McNamara and Bob Schindler. “He just …

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