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Fun & Simple Beach Travel 101

ON THE WATER Are you going downy ocean this year? For many Baltimoreans, a trip down the shore to Ocean City, Md., has become synonymous with summer. “A lot of our Baltimore-based visitors have been coming here since they were children,” said Jessica Waters, communications manager for the town of …

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Baltimore Shines as Millennial Housing Mecca

For many businesses, millennials are a difficult generation to pin down. The group, composed of people aged 20-35, is seemingly defined by buzzwords: Innovative. Tech-savvy. Self-motivated. Transient. They’re notorious for their deviation from “traditional” lifestyles, leaving companies everywhere stumped about how to best serve them. In Baltimore, however, millennials are …

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Preschool and the Power Play

What do Albert Einstein, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Mr. Rogers and Plato have in common? They all recognized the importance of play. Einstein called it “the highest form of research.” And acclaimed physician Maria Montessori declared, “Play is the work of the child.” That belief built the early-educational philosophy most revered …

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