Party Plan


>> Welcoming warm colors in shades inspired by the setting sun evoke an Indian bazaar. The goal was to create a “bit of intrigue” and mystical effect that is “clean, elegant and simplistic,” says Tali Adelstein, who designed this table for Linwoods. A mustard-gold and hearth-red metal tray filled with …

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1. What’s the biggest misconception about wedding planners? Some people think that I am the ultimate party girl and that I am at a party every Saturday night. I’m not one of the guests. I’m on my feet for 12 to 15 hours each wedding day. I work with a …

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Since we met several years ago, my friend Kate has been urging me to host a wine-tasting party. “You could come to my house and talk to my friends about wine,” she’s often suggested. Wine is a topic that causes even the most confident people to become intimidated. And, to …

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