Ravens Wedding Workout With help from event planners, Ravens offensive center Jeremy Zuttah and his bride, Heran Haile, convert the Under Armour Performance Center to an elaborate wedding space.

Football players sport tuxes. An Art Deco skyscraper is transformed into a wedding venue for one night. And confetti streams down onto Ravens offensive center Jeremy Zuttah and longtime girlfriend Heran Haile, who are tying the knot this sultry summer evening at FX Studios and Under Armour Performance Center at …

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Reality Star: 8 Questions for Dr. Kathryn Boling Pursuing a medical career later in life made Boling an expert on self-care—and she wants to share her secrets.

Kathryn Boling, M.D., worked as a nurse for 30 years before enrolling in medical school at the relatively advanced age of 49. Her marriage had fallen apart—she was grieving—and she made up her mind to pursue the dream she’d pursue “if money and age were not a factor.” Today, at …

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The Soldiers They Carried Four decades later, three Maryland women discuss their Vietnam tour in a new documentary.

THE VITNAM ERA is often remembered more for its anti-war sentiment and politics of social change than for the actual conflict that spurred this counterculture. We’ve been content to relegate this less-than-ideal part of our history to just that—history. And for those Marylanders who served in Vietnam—the soldiers, nurses, aid workers—being …

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