Coneheads: Sub Zero Smoke and ice make for a seriously tasty spectacle.

By Laura Dzubay and Lauren Fitch

Ice cream made using liquid nitrogen is all the rage these days, but Hunt Valley’s new Sub Zero Ice Cream kicks things up a (seriously tasty) notch.

The shop includes multiple bases, from original and custard to low-fat and vegan creams, as well as 20 flavors (try Tiger’s Blood or Green Tea). Customers can choose from a variety of mix-ins, including wheat- and nut-free options, or go with a pre-designed “sensation,” served in a waffle bowl.

Once base, flavor and mix-ins have been selected, the real adventure begins. The liquid nitrogen is sprayed into the bowl, producing a cool fog that spreads across the counter and under the glass. A simple ice cream order is turned into a fun and fascinating spectacle, and on most days, a long line of patrons can be found watching in disbelief, phones recording the experience for Snapchat or Instagram.

If there’s a drawback to the process, it’s that the Sub Zero employees can only make one cone at a time, so the line moves a little more slowly than it would at other ice cream places. But we promise–the the tasty result makes it all worth it.

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