Love Letters Sweet stationery brings back the lost art of letter-writing.

By Kimberly Uslin


Remember how giddy you felt receiving mail at summer camp? Sliding your finger carefully under the flap of the envelope, unfolding the pages and deciphering your best friend’s—or, let’s be honest, your mother’s—cramped handwriting was pure bliss. Recreate the feeling in adulthood with a lovely letter pack (or four!) from London-based publisher Roger la Borde. Featuring whimsical patterns like “Fox and Hare” and “Enchanting Forest,” each set includes custom-designed stationery, envelopes and a sticker sheet to seal your missives with style. After all, summer is the perfect time to reach out to those far-flung friends and relatives, and these darling dispatches are far fancier (and friendlier) than a Facebook message. Don’t be surprised if you receive a few in return. $8 each, and Hampden boutique In Watermelon Sugar,

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