On the Table

By Kimberly Uslin

Ceci n’est-ce pas un pineapple. But, unlike Magritte’s famous pipe, this collaboration between Maryland furniture designer Niermann Weeks and New York interior designer Nick Olsen is very much real. The Pineapple Coffee Table is inspired by a design from French minimalist Jean-Michel Frank, a contemporary of Magritte and creator of the famous Parsons table (and, fascinatingly, a cousin of Anne Frank’s). Though Niermann Weeks’ take bears only a passing resemblance to its eponymous fruit, the stunning structural piece makes a delicious addition to any artistic-minded home. Get it in eye-catching “Ebony & Ivory Lacquer” (pictured) or more muted “Bleached Oak.” $7820, Niermann Weeks, 760 Generals Highway, Millersville, niermannweeks.com

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