Get Out: Main Event Visible Man

By Betsy Boyd

“Persistence of History,” acrylic on canvas (30”x 30”) by S. Ross Browne.
“Persistence of History,” acrylic on canvas (30”x 30”) by S. Ross Browne.

Black identity is reclaimed by black artists in The Image of the Black: Reimagined and Redefined, a seven-person exhibition now up and running at Galerie Myrtis. The mixed media show features gorgeously complex Elizabethan-esque oil paintings, shocking photographs depicting notorious black American gangs and KKK members and multimedia works with hand-stitched fabric. Neon lights illuminate text messages: “Some of my best friends are black” reads one. The ultra-bold, talent-laden collaboration—with works by S. Ross Browne, Nina Buxenbaum, Larry Judah Cook, Ronald Jackson, T. Elliott Mansa, Delita Martin and Arvie Smith—is meant to challenge and to deconstruct “the white representation of race and racism,” to express what being black really means and, in artist Arvie Smith’s memorable words, to “pay homage to the dispossessed and marginalized members of our society.” Through Nov. 30. Panel discussion on Nov. 7. 410-235-3711,

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